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One of the things I live for is writing, this is one of the things that got me on this community.

I wonder what this planet wold hve been without writing as a form of expresion.

On twitter you can follow me on http://www.twitter.com/chinemeremz

I love books and dogs, cooking and every fn thing.

I read a lot too and I'm planning to embark on reviewing some of the great titles I have read in my twenty something odd years on this wonderful earth.

Great Authors like James Hardley Chase, Ian Flemming are some of the very best authors I dig.

Football is also another passion and I hope to start a hubbers Football Fan Page of Facebook; hope I get members.

Freelancing is another thing I presently do, and for some few cents I can scribble just any thing for you, from academic articles, Jokes, health and fitness stuff and any article that can be very challenging and fit in the kind of genre I write.

Thanks for stopping by.

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    Where is the best place to look for a potential life partner

    4 years ago

    There are a thousand and one places to hang out to find good and potential partners and and I will just list a few of them. But it is worthy of note to consider the following things when you plan to ebark on the...

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    4 Proven Strategies On How to Get the Truth from a Chronic Liar

    4 years ago

    Hi, you could liken this to being on the set of pretty little liars TV show A liar will always be a liar, but do you know that you can make even the worst of all liars sing? I mean tell you the exact tale of all his...

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    10 Things you must know before starting that New Job

    5 years ago

    Starting a new job? Well I’ll tell you from experience that there are certain things you must know before you start that new job. Landing a new job can be fun, especially if the remuneration and working conditions...

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    10 Unknown Health Benefits of Honey

    4 years ago

    The never ending uses of honey in medical parlance goes to show the potential health benefits of honey in treating various health disorders. Honey I have always asserted remains one of the most out standing wonders of...

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    4 years ago

    Dealing with difficult and uncompromising people could be very tiresome and really frustrating: especially if you find yourself in a position that if care is not taken, you could easily loose your sanity. It is...

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    9 Health benefits of coconut water

    4 years ago

    Take my word, coconut water apart from water, happens to be one of the purest liquid known to man, and the health benefits of coconut water are so numerous: but I will just list out nine of them 1) Coconut water...

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